Managed Service Provider 


Op5 Monitor aggregates real time data whilst processing detailed historical analysis for all components being monitored, by doing so op5 monitor provides MSPs with clear trend analysis that allows for long term planning and forecasting, so the msp can effectively manage resources, provide your customers with critical metrics and confidently calculate your costs with real data.

Fixed and Flexible MSP Licensing

Many of OP5 Monitor’s MSP clients have virtual environments, and high fluctuating data volumes with the number of infrastructure devices constantly increasing and expanding. 

With our “Pay as you go” licensing model, you will only pay for what you use. This license also incorporates a fixed licensing model for the volume that you know you will always use, so you can easily optimise your license cost control.

Invoicing is based on a quarterly basis based on measurement of actual usage during the period, whilst the fixed licensing will be invoiced to you in advance.

Graphic User Interface (GUI)

OP5’s graphical interface is a true portal which can support a group of unique stakeholders, it provides easy accessible and understandable information that can span both the low level technical view to very high level KPI dashboards. Unlike many other monitoring solutions that concentrate on collecting an abundance of data without clearly presenting it in a clearly understandable manner to the system administrator and other interested parties, who need to use it to make key immediate decisions, OP5 invests in translating this data for you.

Op5 Monitor reports the deep details of your data through visualization which can be then shared through multiple and relevant layers within your organization. OP5 monitor also comes with out of the box functionality for advanced availability reporting.


Graphic User Interface

Multi Layer Automation

Today many tasks in IT operations are still manual which are costly and of course prone to human error. Op5 Monitor enables Automation for MSP clients with standardardized configuration, proactive notifications and alarms, with triggers for qualification events, internalisaztion commands and setting priorities. This minimizies the need for direct interaction from the system adminstrator.

Benefits Of OP5 Monitor for a MSP

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Reporting
  • Configuration