IT Operations 

Working as a senior member of the management team who is ultimately responsible for all IT operations is a huge responsibility that affects multiple systems and environments. Each day  you oversee and guarantee how all of your teams provide services and keep the organization running as efficiently as possible.

You need to meet the expectations of not only those above you, but all the stakeholders who depend on your systems and the clients they serve. Keeping your individual teams streamlined and operation costs under budget are your top priorities. You need to understand and deliver accurate information to those who trust you operate the IT for their company.

OP5 Monitor provides comprehensive, accurate system monitoring in real time for all the segments of IT you manage. Our solution performs a supporting role to your busy administrative network of problem responders allowing you to maintain stability while driving multiple complex systems. OP5 Monitor allows you to provide efficient and consistent support through your teams, generate clear reports for your superiors, streamline your overall operation, and reduce downtime for the end user.

Several points showing how OP5 Monitor can truly benefit those in IT operations:

  • Easy Adaptation: OP5 Monitor is easy to adapt and modify to the specific requirements of your IT environment. No matter what industry, business type, or market your organization serves, our tools can fully monitor your IT.
  • Clear Reporting: OP5 delivers easy to understand reports of any data provided while monitoring systems or processes under your care. Reports can be customized specifically for IT operations or for the CFO or CEO.
  • Valuable Analytics: You can conduct trend analysis for professional long term planning and prediction to help manage your facilities, provide accurate staffing needs, and confidently calculate overall support costs using data
  • Scalable: When your environment changes OP5 Monitor is ready to grow with you. Our monitoring solution is a scalable and resilient application built to support a myriad of devices all while conducting active and passive checks. 
  • Simple Configuration: We make it simple to configure automated alarms and notifications chains. OP5 Monitor single point of configuration with automatic distribution is extremely helpful to your IT organization while streamlining the monitoring process making management truly proactive.

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