Support Plans

OP5 Monitor Support Plans

Explore the various OP5 Monitor support plans available and select the one that best fits your requirements.

All of our support plans are delivered by our International Technical Team who posses extensive industry experience and pride themselves on providing comprehensive support to ensure that everything performs the way you expect it to.

OP5 Monitor is available with Basic, Standard or Premium support, if you would like further details of these plans or you are a existing customer who wishes to upgrade your plan, then please contact us.


Plan Comparison

Product Support  Basic Support Standard Support Premium Support

Number of Incidents




Number of Named Contacts

 1  4  15

Support hours *

 Mon-Fri Business hours  Mon-Fri Business hours


Initial Response Time

 1-3 Business Days  Next Business Day  4 Hours

Online Self Help Resources

 √  √
Online Case Submission  √  √  √

Phone technical support

 x  √  √

Remote Assistance

 x Secure Tunnel Secure Tunnel, Other

Support for distributed setups

x  √  √

Webinar – Q/A with support

 x  x  √

Priority case process

 x  x  √

Upgrade your support

 Contact us  Contact us

Support times are 08:00 am-17:00 pm (Business hours) CEST for the European region and CST for the American region. Please note that 24/7 support outside those times are Level 1 Support as defined in ITIL.

Access to upgrades, updates, extensions, enhancements are in accordance with the subscription/support service.


 Version Definition

Major version First number in the version (ex: 6)
Minor version First two numbers in the version (ex: 6.12)
Micro version First three numbers in the version (ex: 6.12.10)
Current major version The highest major version released
Current release The most recent micro version with the current major
Previous major version The highest major version lower than current major version
Previous release The most recent micro version with the previous major version.
Supported 2 years after initial release of current major version
or until the release of a new major version, whichever comes
first but never shorter than 1 year.


Release Notes

Supported Software

Software Description All Support Plans

OP5 Monitor

Monitoring software for IT environments

Current release*

OP5 Monitor Extensions

The optional extendable functionality for the Enterprise version

Current release*

OP5 Agents

Used to collect status information from hosts.

Current release*


* latest version of the previous major is supported for up to two years after release.

Additional Support Items

Key Feature  All Support Plans

Fixes for “crash” bugs*


Fixes for “block” bugs*

Fixes for other bugs*

Technical Support

Access to Knowledge base

Upgrades in accordance with the subscription/support service  √

Updates in accordance with the subscription/support service


Extension in accordance with the subscription/support service


Enhancements in accordance with the subscription/support service


*Bugs are handled according to OP5’s Bug handling process.

OP5 will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver fixes for all bugs with severity crash and block on request by customers, unless (as OP5 determines in its reasonable good faith judgment) required by law or third party relationship (including if there is a change in applicable law or relationship), or doing so could create a security risk or substantial economic or material technical burden.


Contacting OP5 Support


    • Customers may report a new incident by creating a support ticket, or check the status of an existing support ticket by visiting the OP5 Support Page



    • Customers with the basic/standard plan can contact us during normal Business Hours, whilst premium plan users can contact us 24/7.  OP5 Support Services can be contacted using using the dedicated telephone number: +46 31-352 56 50


Support Process

OP5 strives to deliver the highest quality technical support services for OP5 and related software. When a Customer contacts our Support Team with an Incident Report, our Support Technicians work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In order to ensure fast problem resolution, Incidents are routed through our knowledgeable team of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line Support Technicians. If the incidents are due to bugs in the Supported Software, our Support Technicians report the bugs to the OP5 Research and Development Team, thus ensuring fast bug resolution. Incidents may be submitted via a dedicated email address, via the Support Website or via telephone.

Please Note: OP5 Professional Partners are required to provide 1st line support to their customers.
The normal process for handling an incident is as follows:
  1. A Support Technician takes the initial Incident Report and triages to the appropriate resources within the OP5 Support Team. All incidents will be allocated a unique reference number by the Support Team and are reported to the Designated Contact(s) following allocation. The Support Technician’s goal is to resolve the incident on the first call.
  2. If the incident cannot be resolved on the first call, the Support Technician will work through the incident by doing research, working in the test lab, or engaging other resources within the Support Team or OP5. The Support Technician’s responsibility is to maintain close contact and communication with the Customer during this process.
  3. If the appropriate progress on the incident is not being made, the incident is escalated to 2nd and 3rd line Support Technicians. The Customer will be notified when an incident is escalated to other Support Technicians.
  4. Once the incident is resolved, a Support Technician will notify the Customer of resolution and close the appropriate support ticket(s).
  5. A support ticket will be closed automatically if the Customer have not responded a request from OP5 Support within six (6) weeks.

Incident Handling

The OP5 Support Team will be available by email and telephone to assist the Customers Designated Contact(s) in the operation of the Supported Software and to handle Incident Reports. All Incidents will be allocated a unique reference number in OP5 Ticket Handling system by the OP5 Support Team and shall be reported back to the Designated Contact(s) following allocation.

Customers must provide the following information in the Incident Report:
  • Name
  • Email address or phone number
  • Version(s) of Supported Software being used
  • Version(s) of Supported Platform being used
  • Detailed description of technical issue
Please Note: OP5 reserves the right not to provide Support Services until the Customer has lived up to the following obligations, OP5 reserves the right not to provide Support Services:
  1. Include the Customer name and the current version of the Supported Software in the Incident Report.
  2. Report all incidents directly to the Support Team’s incident logging system*. If unable to do so, reporting shall be made via email or telephone.
  3. When reporting an incident, the Customer shall specify those conditions prevailing at the time of the incident and the symptoms of the incident as detailed as possible to enable the Support Team to recreate the described problem.
  4. Adhering to the support guidelines and follow those instructions given by the Support Team regarding utilization of the Supported Software.
  5. After reasonable notice, grant the Support Team free access to the Customer’s facilities to the extent deemed necessary by the Support Team to provide Support Services in accordance with the Agreement.
  6. Accepting all the responsibility and liability for testing all software updates and configuration changes made by, or at the request of, the Support Team, if not otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  7. If the Support Technician is unable to resolve the problem over the phone or via email, the Support Technician will recommend to the Customer the next course of action to be taken.

*OP5 Professional Partners are required to provide 1st line support to their customers*