Nagios Based Monitoring

The origin and core of OP5 Monitor, is based on and plugin compatible with the highly regarded and popular Open Source project Nagios. The open source heritage still remains to this day a central part of OP5, and we are still a major contributor to the Nagios Project in addition to being one of the founding members of the Naemon project. At OP5 we understand the frustration companies and individuals face when wasting valuable time and IT resources on attempting to locate issues within their networks, that’s why OP5 Monitor delivers 100% proven, tested and fully optimized functionality for fast detection and localization of irregularities within our user’s networks.

We of course get asked this question a lot from current or previous Nagios users, what separates OP5 from Nagios? what are the key differences? Naturally we say, we have a much better product than we had in Nagios, that OP5 Monitor provides a lot more and newer functions, plus it looks and has a better feel for users.

A Nagios Based Monitoring Appliance

OP5 Monitor is delivered as a “turn key” solution that consists of hundreds of modules and plug-ins, all verified, quality tested and supported. As a user, you don’t have to keep track of all the different packages, their latest upgrades, patches or possible security issues. We take care of all this for you, as upgrades and updates are included in our support package. OP5 Monitor is also available as both a physical and virtual appliance.

Easy to Use

OP5 Monitor was designed with the user at the forefront of our minds, that’s why OP5 Monitor features a modern and flexible PHP based interface that enables personalized views and settings. Users have full control over which information should be displayed and how it should be displayed. It is also possible to build your own, customized widgets to be displayed in the tactical overview and to create new themes.

Reporting and Network Visualization

OP5 Monitor has a reporting module which allows you to easily produce and schedule Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports and performance graphs which are valuable for decision making. The network visualization comes with Google Maps and Open Street Map support. Using Google Maps API, you can draw a map containing objects with status information and links. The user may visualize the infrastructure hierarchically, statically, or via geomaps.

Web Based Configuration Manager

We have developed a web based configuration manager for the OP5 Monitor, enabling easy configuration of settings, hastening the setting up of new hosts and lowering the barriers in setting up an efficient network monitoring solution.

Professional Support and Documentation

As a customer you get unlimited support for the full solution via phone, email or directly through our online ticket handling system. We have a flexible subscription based pricing that lets you “pay as you grow” and which includes a guaranteed functionality for your specific Nagios solution and environment.

Easy to Migrate from Nagios to OP5 Monitor

If you have spent a lot of time and resources on developing customized modules and checks for Nagios (core or XI), these can be migrated to OP5 Monitor along with your other existing data and configurations. We provide a OP5 Monitor pre-packed migration service with scripts and support that makes the switch smooth and quick. This makes OP5 Monitor to an ideal alternative to Nagios for organizations that has outgrown Nagios. Contact us for further analysis of your situation.