Training Options

Get more out of your investment in OP5 by attending a training course.
OP5 training helps you to quickly gain the knowledge and skills needed
to use our award-winning server monitoring product.

OP5 offers basic and advanced training courses for OP5 Monitor.

These courses take place in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Munich.
However, if a group from the same company wish to attend, we can also
provide courses at your location.

Our on-site training can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Book an On-Site Training Session or Contact Us directly for more information.

On Site

Basic training is an introduction course for all OP5 Monitor users. Our professional instructors use a combination of theory and hands-on lab exercises to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to setup, configure, customize, and administrate an OP5 Monitor installation.

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OP5 Academy

If you are a system administrator or network engineer who is responsible for the configuration, development or maintenance of the products and already have experience working with OP5 products we recommend you to also attend our Advanced training course to gain knowledge needed to take your monitoring to the next level. For the next available training sessions please contact us.

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We offer 2 courses | Here’s what each offer


  • Introduction and basic work flow
  • Alerts and alarm management via
    email and messaging
  • Creating and managing contacts
    and contact groups
  • Create and manage reports
    (availability, trends, SLA)
  • Create and configure monitored
    objects, for example services,
    switches and routers
  • Create and managing host groups
    and service groups
  • Plug-ins – How they work and
    how you use them


  • Approaches and techniques to
    monitor any IT-service
  • SLA- and OLA-service groups for reporting
  • Remote plugin execution (custom usage
    of NRPE on UNIX and Windows)
  • Notification escalations
  • Monitoring service and host clusters
  • Plugin development
  • Deploying op5 Monitor in a number of
    settings and situations for multiple sites,
    divisions, and installations.
  • How to monitor via bad network links

Do You Need Help?

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