Hardware Requirements

Requirements & Recommendations


Supported Browsers

Firefox 38+, Internet Explorer 11+, Google Chrome on non-touch devices (PC/Mac)


mozilla-firefox internet-explorer chrome


Also reported to work with

Our products are reported to run safely on these browsers as well, but these browsers are not officially supported.


Opera 9.5, Safari >= 3.1


opera safari


Deployment Recommendations

op5 Monitor Enterprise+ includes op5 Logger. If you plan to use extensive logging it is a preferred architecture to split the set-up in two separate servers due to I/O, processor and memory requirements. If you are uncertain, please contact us.


Hardware Recommendations

op5 Monitor and other op5 software can favourably be run on op5 hardware or virtual servers to ensure full support of Software, HW and OS. op5 Appliance Server uses a customized operating system called op5 Appliance Software that is optimized for running our software.


Appliance Server




Recommended for

Up to 300 Devices

Up to 2000

Up to 10.000

19” – 1U optimized server

op5 Monitor Pro & Enterprise+

SMS Gateway




Mail Server for notification


1 x Xeon E3-1220v3

1 x Xeon E5-2620v3

2 x Xeon E5-2620v3

Hard drive

1 x 500 GB SATA

2 x 300 GB SAS RAID 1

4 x 300 GB SAS RAID 10


8 GB

16 GB

24 GB

Optical drive

Hardware RAID

Dual Power Supplies

Out-of-band management (iDRAC)

Standard Support replacement –
8×5 next business day

Extended Support replacement – 24×7, 4 hours




Supported Operating Systems

op5-system-web  *     redhat**     centos


RedHat 6.x and CentOS 6.x, both 64bit are supported.

We support running op5 products on RedHat 6 and CentOS 6 that have not yet reached their end-of-life. CentOS follows the RedHat Enterprise Linux end-of-life dates, which can be found in the RedHat errata documentation.

* Shipped as OS on op5 Server
** We are proud to recognize Red Hat as a certified supplier for our infrastructure. Our certifications do not apply to Red Hat software if it has been changed, altered, or maintained with non-Red Hat modifications.