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Support worth experiencing

When purchasing our products you also get access to our support services. op5 provide product support that goes well beyond what you experience with other commercial software companies.

Our support is delivered by our Support Team of highly skilled software engineers with several years experience in system administration and system integration. The team members have a deep understanding of our software applications. Each of our support engineers is certified for our solutions and is backed by the engineering team who designed and developed the product. Armed with this expertise, we are able to resolve issues quickly.

"Thank you very much for your instructions and I just want to say that the customer and I (their consultant) are very impressed by op5 as product and company."

Jimmy Jonsson


What you get

As a support customer you benefit from guaranteed response time to reported issues and for our appliances you get a 3 year hardware warranty with next business day on-site service.

Read our support terms and conditions.

You get access to our product and network management experts with long experience from network monitoring and management. The support team has an excellent track record and high service level.

Official support trough

Get access to all our information sources to learn and maximize the use of our products.

  • As a op5 customer you are always getting access to new product versions without extra charge.
  • You can also access beta versions for testing before public release.

An op5 Monitor system is shipped bundled with a large number of fully supported plug-ins. There are thousands of available and fully compatible checks and plugins for the op5 system. We classify this in:

  • High, Fully supported
    • The plugin is continuously tested by op5. A fully compatible test environment for the plugin is in place to verify its functionality.
  • Medium, Bug support
    • The plugin is not continuously tested by op5. op5 probably do not have a compatible test environment in place and/or resources to test the plugin. If an issue with the plugin is found, op5 will examine the importance and prioritize according to impact and level of effort. op5 monitors the upstream project (if any) and updates the shipped plugin regularly.
  • Low, Best effort
    • The plugin is shipped as a courtesy to op5 customers. Dependencies are resolved and the plugin is executed without runtime errors. The plugin has normally only been installed and tested at a customer site. op5 support helps out with command syntax.

Get discount on our Product Training, led by op5 product specialists. The courses are available as basic, advanced and on-site, customized training. 

We and our professional partners also provide development and consulting services.

Support included

Our support services are included in our product offerings. No additional decisions, budgets and costs are needed.

Support Plans

The support plans correlate to the chosen subscription plan for op5 Monitor.

Support hours: Mon-Fri 0800 – 1700 CET+1

Clear comparison

Product support




Support hours

Mon-Fri 0800–1700 CET+1

Mon-Fri 0800–1700 CET+1

Email support

6 tickets/year*


Phone support


Response time

Next business day

4 hours

Remote assistance

24×7 support



Maintenance and Administration



New releases

* you can buy 3 additional support tickets to your basic support plan.

What our customers say

The following statistics are extracted from a customer support survey.

  • 100% are satisfied with the professionalism of our support engineers
  • 100% are satisfied with the effectiveness of the provided support solution
  • 90% are satisfied with time to resolution
  • 100% are satisfied with telephone support quality
  • 95% are satisfied with e-mail support quality
  • 100% are satisfied with ease of accessing support
  • 94% thinks that they can reach op5 Support on the phone when needed


Quotes from satisfied customers