Consulting worth experiencing

We want you to see a return on your investment in our product as soon as possible. To ensure this, our op5 Professional Service team and our Professional partners provide packaged or customized consulting. We guarantee top quality assistance and always ensure that your system’s basic or advanced functionality is up and running in no time.


Our customers have been very satisfied with (and in many cases surprised by) what our consultants and partners can achieve. We truly believe this is a direct result of our business concept: to deliver a complete, cost effective and well-functioning system, with professional services and support.


Good Start Enterprise+

The Good Start Enterprise+ service is divided into four phases – starting with a preparation phase, to ensure that we understand your current and long-term goals and requirements. During the second phase, we install and deploy the service while also reviewing your IT production environment. In phase three we provide an op5 Basic training for new users and, in the last phase, we follow up and run a quality assurance check to make sure your goals are met.

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Good Start Pro

The Good Start Pro service is divided into two steps where we first plan, provide instruction and schedule a remote session. During the second step, we perform a remote installation of the system according to your requirements and needs. During Good Start Pro, we also provide reviews and establish backup routines, creating and configuring services according to your requirements.

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Upgrade Assistance

Use our op5 Professional Service team to help you with upgrades of your op5 products. We will assist you in upgrading appliance systems, op5 Monitor extensions, agents and also adjust your thresholds if needed. We provide you with the possibility to tailor your own unique upgrade session, according to your requirements.

Example of upgrade assistance

  • Upgrade of appliance system

  • Upgrade plugins packages

  • Upgrade op5 Monitor and Extensions

  • Upgrade Agents

  • Health check of monitoring metrics

  • Adjust thresholds

  • Update parent/child relationships

  • Recommendations on what else to monitor

  • Review of backups

Interested in an Upgrade assistance?

We will give you the possibility to create your own specific upgrade session, depending on your needs.

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