Distributed Monitoring

Distributed network monitoring involves multiple pollers distributed around your network measuring performance from multiple locations. OP5 Monitor Enterprise version includes a set of options for distributed monitoring and highly scalable setups with potentially thousands of pollers that can monitor many tens of thousands of devices in large and complex networks.

The performance and capacity of OP5 Monitor, together with an easy-to-use interface, provides you with a powerful solution for IT monitoring and management of applications, regardless of where they reside – in the data center or in a private, hybrid or public cloud environment.

Distributed setup

OP5 Monitor support distributed setups using peers and pollers to meet the performance and capacity needs of most organizations. Pollers can be geographically distributed and cloud based.

  • Set up your monitoring system in multiple geographical locations

  • VPN and SSL for secure remote connections

  • Map your underlying IP-connectivity architecture whether it´s a tree, ring or fully meshed.

  • Central configuration with automatic replication.

Remote and central administration

In a distributed set-up local management can be assigned responsibility for different sites or regions while retaining a central overview of the network health. In case of a network outage, remote sites using OP5 Monitor can monitor their own regions and resolve problems locally even though WAN-links are down. OP5 Monitor can be configured centrally and push out the configuration to remote servers, making configuration easy and time efficient.

Secure remote connections

By using VPNs with SSL-encrypted connections the remote poller server can work behind firewalls without needing special permission to access the equipment. OP5 Monitor efficiently prevents loss of central historical data within the distributed system. If the connection between the central OP5 Monitor and a remote server is lost, the remote server will automatically start storing data until a connection is re-established.

Highly scalable system design

OP5 Monitor is truly a high performance monitoring solution with an intelligent core design and very low resource utilization. We have a flexible system that can scale and work in distributed and redundant setups. OP5 Monitor scales extremely well and can be used with thousands of pollers in distributed setups to monitor very large amounts of devices.

Scalable monitoring system