Scalable Monitoring

Scalable Monitoring That Grows With Your Needs


OP5 Monitor was designed to be the most flexible and scalable monitoring solution available. Our goal was to deliver a tool able to handle large volumes of monitored devices and services.

OP5 Monitor is optimized to achieve low per-device overheads and can scale out to thousands of redundant, load balanced and distributed monitoring servers. Our solution gives you options for maximum flexibility, unlimited scalability, redundancy, and load balancing when monitoring your IT. We have developed an affordable system that can scale to the growing needs of your business and adapt to the ever-changing challenges of the IT environment.

OP5 Monitor addresses the challenge whether you are supporting business critical data, a large infrastructure, or an environment that demands large enterprise monitoring needs – which includes Data Centers, Telco’s, Gaming, or Finance – that depend on ten of thousands of services.

What is Scalable Monitoring?

OP5 Monitor defines scalable monitoring as an easy to use system capable of constantly changing to fit the needs of your business without sacrificing stability or performance.

Distributed monitoring  

OP5 Monitor allows you to collect monitored data from the data center or private, hybrid, or public cloud environment from a central point regardless of where you are located.

Load balancing

One of the most powerful features of OP5 monitor is it’s ability to load balance the monitoring of devices. Effective load balancing prevents failures that occur when the activity levels of a systems are continuously high.


When installing OP5 Monitor on large networks it is highly recommended to deploy a mirrored version of OP5 Monitor ensuring a last defense in case of a large scale network failure. OP5 Monitor Redundancy will ensure proper synchronization of configuration and monitoring data making sure your monitoring will never be disrupted.