We have the privilege to deliver visibility and control to a large number of customers around the globe! Discover how some of our customers addressed their most pressing IT operations challenges with op5 Monitor. If you wish to speak to an op5 references in your geographical area or in your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll arrange a call with an appropriate reference.

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Improving business with a single unified view of web services from the inside out

By complementing op5 Monitor Enterprise with op5live SaaS service Timer Group get both internal and external monitoring on their web services. This gives a better customer satisfaction, better enduser quality and overall business.


“We can implement tons of cool features and functions in our services, but if the user sees that the performance is affected, it really hurts our business more than anything. op5Live is a great and simple way for us to experience our service in the exact same way as our users”  Peter Östlin, Head of Operations at Timer Group


Scalable monitoring is a top priority for Nijhof-Wassink Groep

Nijhof-Wassink Groep experienced rapid growth, resulting in the construction of multiple new data centers. Their op5 Monitor solution was implemented by a consultant from the Professional Services team.

“Our monitoring solution has to be easily automated and integrate well with all the
third party tools we use now.”

Gerrit Otten, IT Manager at Nijhof-Wassink Groep



Monitoring Business Critical Product Flows at Clas Ohlson

Three IT-systems together form the core of Clas Ohlson’s advanced logistics and sales system managing over 15,000 products sold in 174 physical stores. op5 Monitor is assuring smooth operation across the whole IT infrastructure.

“op5 Monitor is a very convenient product to work with, yet it is extremely flexible…”

Jan Larsson, IT Security Manager at Clas Ohlson



op5 Monitor in integration with complex robotic systems

Vanderlande Industries is a world leader in automated material handling systems and services for airports, distribution centres and parcel an postal sortation facilities. All this requires a sophisticated control system. op5 Monitor deliver a robust, scalable and redundant environment that is easy to manage.

“If you are looking for a new monitoring tool, I can recommend op5 Monitor” Peter Hanraets, IT specialist at Vanderlande Industries



Full control and major cost savings of IT at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

The Swedish Social Insurance Agancy, Försäkringskassan, is responsible for a significant part of the public social security systems in Sweden. The transition to op5 Monitor has given significant savings in terms of license fees and have streamlined the administration with help of a unified and automated system.

“op5 Monitor has proven to be a very flexible system. There is a vast amount of knowledge and experience available in online communities as well as a wide range of third-party plugins to use and to be inspired by.” Jan Israelsson, IT-architect at Försäkringskassan



"Your imagination is basically the only limitation for what you can accomplish with op5 Monitor"

Jan Israelsson

IT-Architect at Försäkringskassan

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Why one of Europe’s leading Telecom operators switched from Nagios to op5 Monitor

Tele2 is one of Europe’s leading and fastest growing telecom operators. The operator has 15 millions customers in 10 countries. Tele2 has taken full benefit of the flexibility of op5 Monitor and the possibility to develop customized plugins to the system, tailored to the operator’s own needs.

“We also wanted a product that would meet our need for continuous change and that would be flexible enough to adopt as we changed.” Charlie Candergart, Developer & Technician at Tele2



Liseberg secures service availability with op5 Monitor Enterprise+

Liseberg is Scandinavia’s largest amusement park. The seasonal business puts strong demands on the IT infrastructure and all applications to perform to expectations during the summer months. op5 Monitor offers a centralized, web based overview of all systems and applications related to the amusement park.

“op5 Monitor Enterprise meets all our demands regarding functionality, security and flexibility. The solution gives us a comprehensive view of all events. We have improved our IT environment and the service we deliver.” Anders Broman, IT Manager at Liseberg



Monitoring infrastructure and business processes at DVB Bank

German DVB Bank focuses on the international transport market and as a niche bank DVB offers a wide range of customized financial services. A highly distributed organization and business operation drive the demands for well-functioning IT infrastructure and services. op5 Monitor has given DVB Bank IT control of the complete IT environment, from hardware and infrastructure resources to business applications.

“op5 is absolutely outstanding. One hundred percent customer focused, rapid response, right attitude, helpful and extremely professional.” Stephan Gottschalk, Network Engineer at DVB Bank



SMHI keeps control of IT and business with op5 Monitor

SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, is a governmental agency under the Ministry of Environment. A continuous changing IT environment demanded the monitoring system to adapt as well because IT plays a significant role in the collection, analysis and presentation of weather data. Since op5 was put in place, SMHI’s IT operations have continued to grow. Today, the scaled-up solution monitors a complex environment consisting of a VMware visualization platform, storage system from NetApp and Hitachi and a wide range of Cisco components.

“Not only did the new system offer significant improvements in terms of functionality, it was also surprisingly fast to install and configure.” Rafael Urrutia, IT Architect at SMHI



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If you wish to speak to an op5 references in your geographical area or in your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll arrange a call with an appropriate reference.

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