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Public sector systems are often widely networked and shared geographically and/or between numerous municipalities or administrations. Without proper system monitoring this can be a nightmare to manage. 100s of public administrations has chosen op5 Monitor to increase their quality of services with our state of the art, open monitoring system.

Who can benefit from the program?

  • Government & government agencies
  • Local authorities
  • Municipalities
  • Public hospitals
  • Public Schools and Academic Institutions (dont miss our Academic Program)

Program Benefits

  • Take advantage of our special pricing.
  • Benefit from our extensive experience of working with the public sector across Europe.

op5 Monitor offers

  • A highly scalable solution with excellent management capabilities
  • Easy administration with provisioning and automatizations
  • Compliance to rules and regulations such as PCI, SOX is made easier
  • Automatically generate valuable reports that can distributed across departments and functions.
  • Multi tenancy makes it possible to give access to different departments, units and functions.
  • Excellent monitoring of cloud, virtual and physical technologies
  • Keep track of your suppliers performance with SLA reports
  • Built on open source and extensive use of open standards and protocols for easy integrations and development
  • Available API’s for integrations
  • World class support reduce operational risks

Take advantage of the program

Are you working in the public sector and want to take part of our offers? Don’t hesitate, contact us today!

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