Academic Program

Program for Academic Institutions

academicprogramWe are proud to have a large number of academic institutions as customers and to further support these institutions, we provide an academic program. Being involved in our academic program means that we can give guest lectures, assist with classroom laborations, training material, set up different student challenges and the possibility to get guidance for thesis projects.

We believe that strengthening the ties between business and Academic Institutions give students a glance how the real IT world works but also raise the interest for the industry and the open source community.

Program Benefits

Free classroom seminars

We are happy to regularly be consulted about giving guest lectures and to assist with classroom laborations, training material, project topics and student challenges. This is also something we want to encourage and thus offer as part of our academic program:

  • Lectures and/or seminars from op5 Professionals
  • Training material, laborations and useful student challenges
  • Possibilities for students to write paper, projects and get guidance for thesis projects

Free classroom licenses

We offer free licenses for usage of op5 Monitor as part of the classroom education.


Benefits for your students

  • Experience of an open source based monitoring solution.
  • Learn about real world scenarios – case studies.
  • Learn how to use alternatives to the old “legacy framework” monitoring systems.
  • Innovative monitoring challenges instead of focusing on system administration and maintenance.


Do you want to join our Academic Program?

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