OpenStack Monitoring

OpenStack is a highly scalable and flexible cloud platform and the leading open source solution for private clouds, that enables many large companies, such as Telcos, to build a flexible IT infrastructure to meet their needs.

Deployment of Openstack can grow quickly into a large and complex system due to the vast amounts of data generated, which is why the ability to monitor OpenStack clouds is so important for visibility, control and quick root cause analysis.

We are currently witnessing a trend amongst enterprises and organizations shifting IT infrastructure into the private and public cloud to shape a flexible and cost effective environment.A software defined IT infrastructure, enables organizations to quickly adjust their capacity to handle spikes and sudden drops in traffic and workload, which is ideal for media streaming services with variable demand over the course of a week, or e-commerce platforms coping with seasonal demands, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Building a Solution upon Monasca

OP5 has developed an enterprise level monitoring solution with full support for OpenStack. It is based upon the OpenStack project Monasca , meaning a high performing scalable fault tolerant solution from start.

Monasca is based on microservice architecture which enables high scalability, both horizontally and vertically, and as a result OP5’s monitoring solution is able to process millions of metrics per second.

OP5’s monitoring solution for OpenStack can also handle constant data streams being both pulled and pushed from within the environment. The architecture is built on a high-performant message bus ingesting a constant flow of data streams as opposed to a master-slave pulling of hardware events.

Our solution supports agent authentication through Keystone, a OpenStack authentication project. The use of tenants make it possible to separate authentication and authorization on a per-project-basis, and It makes it possible to separate departments or customers sharing the same platform, giving a reliable, multi-tenant solution.

In the same vain as OP5’s other monitoring solutions, this is based upon robust APIs enabling integrations with other applications for analytics and visualization, such as Grafana.