Enterprise Level IT Monitoring

The powerful tools built within OP5 Monitor will allow you gain control over any
size IT operations and deliver effective services for better business.


OP5 Monitor was designed to be the most flexible and scalable monitoring solution available. Our goal was to deliver a tool able to handle large volumes of monitored devices and services.

Our solution gives you options for maximum flexibility, unlimited scalability, redundancy, and load balancing when monitoring your IT. We have developed an affordable system that scales to the needs of your business and adapts to the ever-changing challenges of the IT environment.

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Unified View

Using a single dashboard view to keep your network data easily accessible and understandable keeps you informed not only of your network’s current health, but also where actions might need to be taken in the future.

Unified monitoring allows a complete and intricate view of the entire server, the network, the applications, cloud based services and status, as well as the combined overall performance and health of these areas.

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Automation is the subject of many IT project discussions. It comes in many shapes and forms. You save resources and money by automating the most simple, recurring tasks and improve support for the agile business taking away the long lead times in traditional IT operations.

Automation is a real time and resource savior. Our developers have invested a lot to insure that you can do a lot of automation in OP5 Monitor through the Full Rest API.

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OP5 Monitor Licensing

Here is an overview of some of our licensing packages.

Small Business

For a taste of our product


  • Up to 20 Devices Monitored
  • Centralized Admin & Config
  • Support: Knowledge Base
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Large Business

For the pro level users


  • Up to 500 Devices Monitored
  • Full REST API
  • Business Service Monitoring
  • SLA, Trend & Availability
  • Dashboard & NOC views
  • Trend analysis with failure prediction
  • Support: 6 incidents
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Enterprise Business

For enterprise level companies


  • 100K Plus Device Monitoring
  • Pro Features Included:
  • Unlimited Service Monitoring
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Integrated Log Monitoring
  • SNMP Trapper
  • Support: Unlimited
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See how OP5 Monitor can help you today!

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