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  • Create custom dashboards to display only what is important to you, using simple drag and drop widgets that are easy to modify.
  • Gain deeper insights and understanding through easily digestible graphs and maps.
  • Advanced Filters based around rules that are simple to create.
  • One configuration interface for multiple datacenters - complete control over Multiple data centers in one view.
  • Real redundancy with built in load balancing and a complete fault tolerance.
  • Simple and secure scale out architecture through distributed pollers for performance and isolated networks.
  • Scale up or scale down- add or remove devices seamlessly with our developer friendly API.
  • Event handler - Smart monitoring with self healing capabilities.
  • Self provisioning monitoring.
  • Improved organizational efficiency - reduce the possibility of human error and free up resources.
  • Easy integration with 3rd party solutions - Ticket systems, CRM’s, communication platforms
  • REST API that returns JSON & XML.
  • Read, write, delete and update data in a simple, programmatic way.
  • Submit events and metrics from your custom applications and solutions.
  • Multi-tenant ready -full control over permissions for the individuals/groups who access the API.

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Key Features

The powerful features of OP5 Monitor allows users to have complete control over their IT infrastructure.

Business Service Management

The business service management feature enables organizations to make better informed decisions, due to enhanced visibility and insights into relationships between IT infrastructure and business services.


Clear and intuitive reports communicate the correct and relevant information to the right person. In addition to customizable reports, users can also instantly access many other useful reports from within their dashboard such as alert reports, SLA-reports and availability reports.

SNMP Traps

Read, process and generate alerts from SNMP traps. Rather than constantly request information from each individual device to check on, the device notifies the admin about important events regarding the health of the hardware and software.

Log server monitoring

Seamlessly integrate log server monitoring into your everyday event stream, to collect logs from any system or application and create sophisticated rule sets that can trigger alarms, notifications and reports in your OP5 Monitor system. Highly scalable ElasticSearch architecture with customizable dashboards.

Management packs

Greatly reduce the complexity, time effort and level of expertise needed to deploy monitoring throughout the entire organization through Management packs - a set of services that reside on a certain hostgroup. Management packs also reduce security risks by ensuring checks are configured correctly from the start.

Automatic self healing

Automatically resolve system problems through event handlers. Event handlers are scriptable in any language and can be used to restart faulty services and change device configuration based on the result of service checks in OP5 Monitor.

Open source ecosystem

  • OP5 Monitor is Nagios compatible and is the preferred replacement and alternative to Nagios, meaning it’s easy to migrate from Nagios to OP5 monitor and re-use existing agents and plugins.
  • OP5 always endorses open communication within our community, and are transparent with users on all matters such as bug reports, feature requests and dedicated product counselling.

Enterprise ready

  • Role specific overview and reports, from technical engineers to C level management.
  • Dedicated 24/7 support - Unlimited international support via phone and e-mail.
  • Transparent ticketing system, allows users and OP5 partners to gain important insight within their organization to all reported tickets.
  • Granular group right permission system allowing for customized access rights and restricted views.
  • Multiple authentication modules such as LDAP/AD, Apache, Single Sign-On such as SAML and header-less authentication.

Monitor everything with OP5 Monitor

Use just one product within your IT environment to monitor applications, networks, servers and storage, regardless of location, whether that’s on-premise, hybrid or in a private/public cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are several ways to get started with OP5 Monitor. We offer a free 30 day trial download, which is ideal for individuals with a good level of technical knowledge who want to get hands on straight away, alternatively for those who prefer to just get a feel for OP5 Monitor and its features, there is a demo environment which is suitable for individuals with a basic/advanced level of knowledge of monitoring.

    You can also contact one of our technical engineers from your region who will help you get started or you can check out our dedicated get started page for more information.


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