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The powerful tools built within OP5 Monitor will allow you gain control over any
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New online learning for OP5 Monitor

Designed with OP5 users in mind, OP5 Academy is the new online and interactive learning platform to show users how to fully utilize OP5 Monitor within their own IT environment.

The Academy is delivered through a series of interactive modules, designed and created by our Technical Engineers, and is an extremely flexible learning platform which comes without the associated costs of having OP5 staff on-site.

Throughout the modules you will learn all about checks, data collection, reporting, Vmware monitoring, Navgis & Geomaps, cloning & copying, hosts & services plus much more.

Whether you are new to OP5-monitor and are looking to get up and running as quick as possible, or are an existing user who wants to learn how to get more from your existing monitoring solution, OP5 Academy is the ideal place to improve your skills, knowledge and understanding of OP5 monitor.

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Automation is the subject of many IT project discussions. It comes in many shapes and forms. You save resources and money by automating the most simple, recurring tasks and improve support for the agile business taking away the long lead times in traditional IT operations.

Automation is a real time and resource savior. Our developers have invested a lot to insure that you can do a lot of automation in OP5 Monitor through the Full Rest API.

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