OP5 Monitor Pricing Model

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Our new pricing model was created with you, the user, at the focal point of our thoughts. Unlike other fixed and rigid monitoring solutions, we give our users complete control and flexibility over the type of monitoring solution that they utilize within their organizations. The ability to customize on every level means you only pay for what you use. That’s why OP5 Monitor is the most customizable and cost effective open source network Monitoring solution available. For the number of devices you need to monitor, you simply choose the type of add-ons you want, the level of support you will require and the license terms that suit you. It really is as simple as that to Take Control of your IT with OP5 Monitor.

OP5 Monitor

OP5 Monitor is the open source network monitoring solution trusted by IT professional around the world, it is the foundation for the creation of your own customized networking monitoring solution.

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Number of Devices

In order to generate an accurate quote based on your current needs, we will need to know how many devices you need to monitor.


Select any combination of add-ons to add to OP5 Monitor. Customize your monitoring solution by selecting only the add-ons that you require for OP5 Monitor.

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OP5 Monitor comes with 3 different support options to complement your OP5 package, simply select which one is your preferred option.

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There are several licenses available to suit your organization’s preferences, such as subscription, perpetual and pay as you go.


There are many plugins that have been developed by the open source community and individual software developers that are compatible with OP5 Monitor and can add value to your monitoring solution. For instance, the majority of Nagios plugins are compatible with OP5 Monitor.

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OP5 Monitor can be integrated with many other applications such as Grafana and ESLog, in addition, OP5 Solutions Architects can assist you with custom made integrations.

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