OP5 Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is an award winning business and health program that is independently produced. The show provides its viewers with an in-depth opportunity to find solutions to the industry problems from some of the top business leaders from across the globe. Jonas Vestin, CEO and Jan Josephson, CTO of OP5 had the opportunity to appear with Kathy Ireland in an interview to discuss how IT can take control of their IT Monitoring in today’s fast paced era of Digitalization.

OP5 wants to reach a broad audience in the US to raise the issues of monitoring related to “the cloud” and “the new age of digitalization”. To us it feels like the discussions, visions and the buzzwords lack some of the building blocks. Lacks the focus on what it takes to actually reach a high level of digitalization. We believe that a higher level of demand from consumers in general and tougher SLA:s from customers in the IT industry shows that we want better, faster and more. This conclusion is also backed by a study done by Forrester saying that every stakeholder in the ecosystem expects services to be available 24x7x365.

Many people forget that in the basement there has to be servers handling the digitalization. And these servers and networks need to be monitored in the most competent way possible. If a server goes down, the business might suffer tremendously. The Forrester study also outlines that natural disasters is the least of your worries. The top reasons for downtime are related to IT hardware (43%) and network (37%).

Larger companies and datacenters need a unified view of their IT infrastructure. You might think that this is the basics, but there are still a lot of enterprises and datacenters out there with a multitude of systems; struggling to measure, customize and automate.

By monitoring your IT, you can get control over everything from the smallest switch to the cloud. Knowing where you are, where you want to be and measure the status in between is a key to be competitive and provide a stable, secure high capacity IT. If a problem arises somewhere, the average IT organization of today will spend ten times more time finding the problem than fixing it. This is a challenge that we as a company solve for our customers.

by Maria Alriksson 8 March