OP5 solves visibility problems for Hybrid IT infrastructure

OP5 already has the world’s leading Opensource based monitoring solution for physical infrastructure, which allows users to be in control of their existing IT infrastructure.

At Openstack Nordic 2017, we are gearing ourselves up to unveil what we believe is the future of monitoring. After an intense year following heavy investment, our engineering teams have developed a high performance solution that exceeds even our original expectations. This will solve emerging industry wide problem for companies moving towards a software defined infrastructure.

This new solution will give end to end visibility of the complete infrastructure – from legacy IT all the way through to hybrid and cloud platforms.

The sudden changes and immediate peaks in a software defined infrastructure or a virtualized network, can only be controlled with a monitoring solution that is based on handling constant data streams being both pulled and pushed from the core of the solution. With the launch of our new product, we will no longer be merely pulling events from agents, but will be ingesting a constant influx of data streams that are both pushed and pulled.

Unlike interval based monitoring, this dynamic solution can manage both real time data and constant reconfigurations.

What this all means for users, is complete control over a high-performance, cost-effective software infrastructure that can carry massive concurrent users and transactions through immediate peaks and sudden drops. Online gaming/gambling industries with millions of concurrent users over a night, or video streaming services with on demand content, where clients are calling on immediate services to handle unexpected peaks of usage will greatly benefit from this.

OpenStack Copenhagen 2017

We joined Openstack because we think that it is the the state of the art platform for standardisation and automation in order to virtualize network functions and move into the software defined data center. Openstack day Nordic 2017, is taking place on Wed 18th and Thur 19th October in Copenhagen, and we can’t wait to speak to all the community members and unveil the latest offering from OP5!


by Martin Sharples 17 October