OP5 Inspiration Conference 2017

OP5 Inspiration Conference 2017

The annual OP5 Inspiration Conference was recently held in Stockholm, where we were joined by over 100 of our valued Swedish based clients to exchange knowledge, share insights and inspire one another around this year’s theme of monitoring datacenters and large IT Infrastructure.

For users of OP5 Monitor, the chosen theme appeared to present some complex challenges and so it was fitting that our CEO at OP5, Jones Vestin, kicked off proceedings by addressing the key driving forces and challenges our clients and businesses are currently facing.

What was clearly evident was that a rapid growth in data, higher SLA requirements and an increasing number of stakeholders is continuing to change the landscape for IT operations, thus making the requirement of employing a stable and scalable monitoring solution even more crucial than ever before.

Guest Speakers

For Inspiration conference 2017 we were very pleased to secure several excellent guest speakers, all who were willing to openly discuss the challenges they face and how they are presently using OP5 Monitor to tackle them, with the hope of inspiring others and generating new ideas that can be used across multiple environments. Magnus Sjödin, Lead Architect at SCA, provided key insights into how SCA are using network monitoring in one the world’s most modern process industry sites, monitoring a hybrid environment which included physical parameters such as temperature and air pressure in pulp production to their cloud based IT services.

Next up to present was Morten Simonsen an Operation Manager at Eltel Networks. Eltel Networks is a leading European provider of technical Infranet services (infrastructure network), who are currently using OP5 Monitor to monitor the networks they operate in addition to using it for solutions and services to customers. Morten’s presentation centered around how the Danish Court Administration is implementing video conferencing which enables prisoners to attend court from distance, which has vastly reduced costs and increased security. The video conferencing network is monitored by OP5 Monitor, with Eltel and the DCA having access to real-time network status, statistics and relevant alarms.

inspiration conference

One of the final speakers of the day came from Tomas Dalebjörk, Information Technology Technician at Icomera, which delivers WiFi on buses, trains and ferries across Europe and has more than 40,000 systems installed. Thomas’ talk covered all the key challenges Icomera currently faces with WIFI on moving transportation and how OP5 Monitor works across their entire business in addition to the 40,000 systems, with a specific focus on the OP5 Business Service feature.

Other notable mentions from the day’s proceedings included our partners Quorum presentation of useful plug-ins for storage, and our own unveiling of integrations that we now offer for a fixed price such as OP5 ESLog Integration and OP5 Grafana Integration.


During the conference and evening dinner, the advantages of OP5 Monitor was a common talking point, especially in terms of it’s flexibility to integrate with other systems and the large eco-systems of third party plugins. For all the team who work tirelessly to improve OP5 Monitor to make it one of the best network monitoring tools on the market it was extremely satisfying to hear!

Here’s looking forward to Inspiration conference 2018!

Maria Alriksson

by Maria Alriksson 15 June