OP5 Becomes A Top 5 Contributor to the OpenStack Monasca

OP5, the leader in datacenter monitoring, today announced its dedication to the contributing efforts of the OpenStack monitoring project Monasca. Contributing to relevant open source has always been a strategic vision for OP5  and now increases our efforts by engaging further into the activities of OpenStack.

“OpenStack is our future. We are building our next monitoring solutions on OpenStack and are happy to contribute to the Monasca project. OP5 has always been based on open source and we were a major contributor to Nagios so it makes sense for OP5 to also contribute to the Monasca project and to be a part of the community to improve the project” says Martin Bergek, CTO at OP5.


Code Review Contribution to Monasca

Source: Stackalytics, 20th November 2017.


OpenStack is an open source based operating system for the cloud that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter.

Monasca is an OpenStack project developing a highly performant, scalable, reliable and fault-tolerant Monitoring as a Service solution. It can process millions of metrics per second and long retention periods.

“OP5 provides monitoring solutions to many large datacenters throughout  the world. Our customers experience increasing data sets, higher SLAs and the need of IT automation. Enterprises are moving into the cloud, giving them a complex Hybrid IT infrastructure with a mix of on-prem infrastructure and different private and public cloud solutions. Visibility and insight into these different environments gets more and more important to keep control. Here OP5 develops monitoring solutions to give full visibility into all platforms. And the scalability is crucial to these large enterprises. Therefore we think Monasca is a great solution to start developing from since performance, scalability and high-availability have been designed in from start” says Jonas Vestin, CEO at OP5.


Code Contribution to Monasca

Source: Stackalytics, 20th November 2017.

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by Maria Alriksson 21 November