OP5 Announces Remote Management

Today’s businesses use technology to streamline processes, cut costs, operate globally and support their increasingly mobile workforce. For over 30 years, remote control software has made it possible for IT professionals to manage networks and provide support reducing system down-time and improving IT efficiency. OP5 today released it’s Remote Management service helping our customers, through a secure connection, with managing their upgrades, adding/deleting hosts and continuously improving their OP5 Monitor environment, all done remotely.

OP5 continues to see an increased demand from the market to develop and further integrate OP5 Monitor. Being in control of your IT is important, being in control of SLA’s, Webshops, Finance, Ticketing, Fleets and more is getting equally important. With OP5 Remote Management customers will be able to concentrate more on the business at hand, monitoring their environment. OP5 experts can handle day to day operations and change requests from the customer and with the deep knowledge about the monitoring environment OP5 can foresee potential bottlenecks as well as applying best practices in setting up and developing the customers platform.

Some of the services included in OP5 Remote Management are, adding and deleting hosts/CI’s in OP5 Monitor, adding and deleting users in OP5 Monitor, configuring new services, configuring new host groups, implement new ways of monitoring, continuous improvement and maintenance of threshold values, perform remote upgrade to latest release of OP5 Monitor, Technical advice (How To), documentation, ticket handling integrated via API to OP5 ticket handling system (Jira), and fast track for troubleshooting.

OP5 Remote Management is licensed based on the number of hosts monitored, and as an add-on to the Support packages available from OP5.

For additional questions regarding OP5’s Remote Management Service contact your sales representative or email us at support@op5.com.

by Jim Greenway 30 March