How do you monitor a city grid?

How do you monitor a city grid?

TV, telephones and the internet are important for the citizens of Sweden, it will help them reach the future and stay informed. OP5 is the only Swedish IT monitoring company and OP5 helps monitor city grids, telephone companies, mobile network providers, telecom and broadcasting companies. We also help more than 70 municipalities in Sweden. That the city grid works safely and seamlessly is a prerequisite for Sweden to keep and advance our position as a highly connected country. OP5 Monitor helps you track how your city grid is feeling and preforming. In this blog post we asked our customer Patrik Edberg at Nossebro Energi how to monitor a city grid.


Nossebro Energi tells the story of monitoring a city grid

The Challenges

“We wanted to monitor the city grid and the IT infrastructure we have in the business group with a system where we have access to support, so that we don’t have to spend hours online finding solutions in the community. The purchase was handled and demanded by the IT department, that also monitors the IT infrastructure in the city.”


How do you monitor a city grid?

Nossebro Energi compared OP5 with Netcrunch, check_mk, Cacti and Nagios and the focus was on handling different ways of getting data through snmp/script for monitoring.

“We chose OP5 Monitor mainly because it is a complete solution with available support in Swedish, that also gave us great opportunity to download data from odd systems via script. Today, we run OP5 Monitor in a VMware environment with multi-network monitoring and the OP5 Monitor app, so that we quickly can see if and where problems exist in the network. We set up the monitoring ourselves with some support. The project went well and we first picked up standard things like server issues, both Linux and Windows. After that we added the switches. Lastly, we, for example, added statistics from DHCP and external service suppliers that showed the number of IP-TV modules that are running on the grid.”


Do you have any recommendations for others?

“Set up a test environment and insert a pair of each type of equipment, see if there is something you did not think about which might be good to monitor. Do not forget to try to create your own script to get unusual data. In our case, evaluation and implementation have worked without any major problems so we would do it the same way again.”


Does it work well?

“Yes, it has worked well, as the OP5 Monitor is so complete with a quick support team. If a problem should appear, it will usually be resolved directly. If you speak to them, they will tell you more.”


Monitoring the Nossebro Energi city grid

Patrik Edberg, IT Manager Nossebro Energi


What do you need to monitor your city grid?

Distribution Switches? Panels? Routers? Access Switches? The households?

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by Markus Blomberg 26 July