Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit Key Insights

The OP5 team recently had the pleasure of attending this year’s Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit in Orlando Florida. This year the summit addressed the challenges and issues most critical to IT professionals in the areas of technology, leadership and business strategy. It was about validating our thinking and turning our vision into action. Through a multitude of analysts, industry experts, peers and solutions providers IT professionals uncovered new ways to approach critical challenges, make decisions with confidence and become an even more effective leader.

My key take-a-ways from the summit

  1. It provided a connection with  Gartner analysts to learn what the IT professional needs to know now and what’s ahead. It seemed I was the first to hear the latest predictions and emerging trends, and leave with a solid action plan.
  2. I learned from visionary leaders and unconventional thinkers who energized myself and revealed surprising connections between life, business and technology.
  3. I was able to share success stories and challenges with peers — and hear the same from them.
  4. I was able to analyze, test and compare multiple solutions and technologies in one place — and build a shortlist of the ones that will add the most value to my business.

My Final Thoughts

The digital era has brought unprecedented change to technology, business and society. Beyond managing IT, IT professionals are called to lead and inspire their teams and business stakeholders through deeply transformative business models, practices and cultures. The summit allowed me to join a global community of technology leaders and provided an opportunity to connect with peers across regions and industries, and gain new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of digital business.

Jim Greenway – Marketing Specialist with OP5

by Jim Greenway 18 July