Managed Services Provider (MSP)

As a managed services provider (MSP) you have unique and broad responsibilities and the services you offer require a clear and comprehensive overview from multiple angles. You must have unobstructed visibility into system performance, the dexterity  to monitor an IT infrastructure that blankets multiple types and varied layers of technology. OP5 Monitor delivers a detailed, consistent, and up to date monitoring solution that reaches out to any need imaginable.

Several facts describe how OP5 Monitor addresses the challenges unique to the MSP:

  • Flexible: OP5 Monitor is an adaptable IT monitoring tool with immense capabilities. Our solution can constantly change to fit your needs without stability or performance falling behind.
  • Scalable: OP5 Monitor was built to be a scalable and resilient application with the ability to support large amounts of monitored devices while seamlessly conducting active and passive checks.
  • Multi-Tenancy: OP5 Monitor gives a clear view of the status, health and performance of your monitored devices. Monitor’s visual interface lets you gain a personal view of customer specific data.
  • Reporting: Our solution presents easy to understand reports of any data obtained through the monitoring process. The data can be customized specifically for a system administrator, a CTO, CFO or even the company CEO.
  • Configuration: It is simple to configure automated alarms and notifications chains in OP5 Monitor. This powerful tool features a single point of configuration with automatic distribution which proves to be extremely helpful to IT administrators in streamlining the IT monitoring process making overall IT management more proactive.

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