Data Center Monitoring

Finding the Best Data Center Monitoring

Taking control of your IT is accomplished simply by having a crystal clear vision to solve complex issues on a daily basis. Effective data center monitoring depends on administrators to keep ahead of the challenges that come with advancement and change. Finding the best data center monitoring solution is not only logical, but it is the only option to truly conquer the obstacles that block you from success, progress and profitability. This is the only path to effective data center monitoring.

Features of Data Center Monitoring

The powerful features within OP5 monitor will notify you of potential threats to your data center hardware and supportive applications. The wide range of features in OP5 Monitor are built with an efficient, proactive, and flexible purpose as the top priority. Our unified monitoring solution applies intelligent, real-time reporting to deliver clear, unrivaled insight into performance, and the wide range of activities within your infrastructure. To meet the challenges of an evolving data center infrastructure, we have the data center monitoring capabilities that you need available in OP5 Monitor.

Data Center Monitoring in a Unified View

OP5 Monitor is the best data center monitoring solution in the industry. OP5 Monitor is a unified monitoring system that is extremely effective in handling multiple responsibilities while saving you time and risk. You can now accurately detect and resolve problems at a level you never knew was possible.

Capabilities of OP5 Monitor:

  • Accurately views the scope of your IT infrastructure and the assorted components that live within in the data center environment.
  • Brings true scalable monitoring that can mature with your capabilities and demands. op5 Monitor can manage a large amount of monitored devices, applications and services – developed to scale out to thousands of redundant, load balanced and distributed monitoring servers.
  • Provides true security when monitoring today’s hybrid data centers which require an efficient, scalable monitoring system built on architecture that proactively find parts of a broken system ultimately limiting risk.
  • Captures and organizes the sampled metrics of all your servers, networks, database processes, and storage to recommend how your resources can be more efficiently used and leveraged.
  • Aggregates real time data while processing detailed historical analysis of the components being monitored. This includes both OS and hardware data like CPU temperature, disk usage, fan speed, memory usage.
  • Enables you to automate your IT with proactive notifications maximizing the efficiency of the overall IT operation system by qualifying events and priorities long before it needs a system administrator’s attention.
  • Supports multiple server configurations including Windows, Linux, VMware, and Hyper-V. An administrator can efficiently support a data center whether monitoring a virtual or physical OS.
  • Audits the physical and virtual attributes in the network layer, including load balancers, routers and switches Storage systems: Network-attached storage (NAS), storage area network (SAN) and SAN fabric
  • Allows you to configure dedicated dashboards and views for Business Service Management while providing notification regarding VMs that need immediate attention or hosts that may not be performing correctly.
  • Provides a true portal which can support a group of unique stakeholders. OP5 monitor gives easily accessible information which spans the low level technical view to very high level KPI dashboards.


Data center performance and the demand placed on their systems will only continue to increase over time. As your organization continues to grow, new demands around the data center platform create direct efficiency challenges that need to be addressed. It is important to note that a growing number of OP5 monitor customers have migrated to virtual network infrastructure. OP5 Monitor is well suited to be monitor both the traditional infrastructure as well as new technology stacks like OpenStack to monitor key components like Nova, Neutron, and Swift etc.


The benefits gained from using OP5 monitor as your data center monitoring solution are too many to list. Our solution will amplify an improvement of your infrastructure management, will significantly lower your risk of downtime, lower your support cost and time investment, accelerate issue resolution and response times, and decrease the demand on staff and human resources.

OP5 Monitor will continue to adapt and play a serious role in the survival and success of the data center model as it serves the ever-changing, always progressing melding world of business and technology.