Visualization within OP5 Monitor

Many monitoring systems concentrate on collecting large amounts of data from an IT environment without easily presenting this information in a way clearly understood to the administrator and others who need immediate answers. The investment of translating this data adds more time and frustration, but very little value to an important part of the process. OP5 Monitor reports the deep details within your data through visualization that can be shared and understood throughout the many layers of your business.

Availability reports

The measurement and monitoring of IT availability is a key activity to ensure availability levels are being met consistently. OP5 Monitor is a server monitoring software for all and any server or network-connected equipment and comes with out of the box functionality for advanced availability reporting. Availability reports shows availability for host groups, service groups, hosts or services, during a specified period of time.

OP5 Monitor supports both the standard Nagios availability reports and a new version which is more visually pleasing in its presentation.

The setup and configuration is powerful yet easy to use with selection of what graphs and objects to include in the report. Availability reports can be printed, saved to disk, scheduled, linked to and exported as PDF or CSV.