The Powerful Reporting Feature in OP5 Monitor

It is important for IT monitoring systems to have the ability to collect a large amount of detailed data from your environment, but it is more valuable to present that data in reports that can be easily shared and understood throughout your business.

Easy report scheduling

OP5 Monitor can easily share reports by using the scheduling feature. You can generate automated reports that are distributed via e-mail to relevant recipients. Reports may be scheduled by assigning by time periods (such as last 24h, last week, last 30 days) or specific dates. There is also the possibility to exclude information from reports, so that you can disable reporting during times of administration, service or planned downtime.

Options available in all report modules:

  • Instant reports directly on your screen that can be can be printed, saved to disk, or linked to and exported as PDF or CSV
  • Schedule reports with automatic email distribution
  • Include or exclude performance graphs
  • Include or exclude detailed events data
  • Easily configure report settings so changes can be made on the fly
  • Report types

Availability reports

OP5 Monitor supports a multitude of availability reports that track your network up time. The reports can be used to track service availability versus unique service time schedules or track whether the lack of availability is due to either malfunction or a planned maintenance. The availability report shows the availability of host groups, service groups, hosts or services during a selected report period.


The reports in OP5 Monitor can be mapped against unique Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This means that you can directly see and follow-up on both your internal and external SLAs. This will help you to make informed decisions when evaluating your service hosts and provide the status of the service level agreements.

Alert reports

There are two alert report types available In OP5 Monitor, the alert summary and alert history reports. The alert summary report produced by OP5 Monitor is one of the most useful methods for system administrators to display the top alerts and identify the biggest problem producers in their environment. This is also a very simple way to identify badly configured devices.