Network Visualization

Clear and concise network visualization is often a gravely underappreciated feature of any network monitoring solution. Aesthetically pleasing presentations of data may be considered a luxury – more of a peripheral feature as opposed to one of the core elements of network monitoring software.

We can understand this way of thinking, especially if you have been used to working with monitoring tools with basic visualization capabilities. Our approach at OP5 to presenting complex data from numerous devices is simple and unapologetically direct.

The quicker you understand, the quicker you can act.

So whilst we like that our visualizations are easy on the eye, we place more importance on communicating mass amounts of data in a logical and comprehensible structure, so when an area of concern or interest presents itself in our clients network they can resolve it as quickly as possible.

Network Mapping

Every dashboard within OP5 Monitor is highly customizable, allowing you to map out your own network to reflect what is most important to you. Users can also create additional dashboards for a variety of different groups within their organizations, tailoring what is and isn’t relevant for each respective individual within these groups.

Within the dashboard users can combine custom widgets, big number widgets, network graphs and Navgis floor maps in any combination, so they can scan and detect their network to find the root cause of disturbances.

The dashboard below, is an example of how one of our clients has chosen to structure the network data that is crucial to them.

Network Visualization



There are of course many other ways to visualize data from the networks you monitor, such as interactive network maps, geomaps and graphs, allowing users to review the data to see if there are any periodic trends occurring.

Whether you are a system administrator, a CIO or a business level manager, OP5 Monitor’s functional and intuitive network visualization feature will help you understand, communicate and act on the most relevant data as quickly as possible.



OP5 Monitor: Open Source Network Monitoring  

OP5 Monitor is the preferred Open Source Networking & Server Monitoring tool for large multi-national companies in over 60 markets, to see OP5 Monitor’s Network Visualization feature in action for yourself get started here.

Prefer to get more hands on? Then Download OP5 monitor for free to get first hand experience of how OP5 Monitor’s network visualization can help you to identify and troubleshoot your current issues as fast as possible.

Knowledge Base

OP5 Monitor has a dedicated Knowledge Base (KB) for our users, here’s some more useful information relating to our Network Visualization feature.