Log Server Monitoring

OP5 Logger seamlessly integrates log server monitoring into your everyday event stream.

It enables you to collect logs from any system or application and create sophisticated rule sets that can trigger alarms, notifications and reports in your OP5 Monitor system. Enabling a fully centralized syslog service and log analyses based on time search and advanced filtering.

Unified Log Server Monitoring

OP5 Logger extends the capabilities of OP5 Monitor by truly integrating effective and secure log handling in your monitoring solution. The integrated log server monitoring capabilities present a number of additional benefits compared to a standalone log server solution.

Integration of Log Data Enables Unified Overview

All IT systems, including “black-boxes” such as cloud based services and similar, typically generate event logs on different levels, from information logs and debug messages to system critical messages. In spite of being viewed as an invaluable tool for troubleshooting few IT organizations take full benefit of using these logs for proactive system monitoring. OP5 Logger introduces the possibility to feed log information from almost any external source into OP5 Monitor over standard protocols. In this way, alerts and notifications based on information otherwise only available in logs, can be displayed in the OP5 Monitor unified monitoring overview. All data is presented through the same graphical user interface as other performance data, offering a simplified overview of all events in the IT environment.


Log Server Monitoring


Enhanced Support for Root Cause Analysis and Debugging

By supporting automatic storage of log data, OP5 Logger enables IT organizations to centralize all logs in one easy to manage location. A central storage for all log messages is a treasured source of information for enhanced troubleshooting and root cause analysis. When an alarm has been triggered in OP5 Monitor, the fully integrated Logger makes it easy to directly access historical logs with detailed information about the event. In just a few “clicks”, log data from one or multiple sources is instantly available through the same user-friendly interface, without the user having to move from one application to another. In-depth problem analysis is fully supported, making it easier to identify underlying problems of alerts and to gain an improved insight into what actually went wrong. In this way the OP5 Logger also helps IT organizations save time and resources needed for troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

Smart Filtering Improves Overview and Accuracy

As the number of services increase, it becomes increasingly difficult for IT to secure access to all information available, but more importantly, have access to the right and relevant information at any point in time.

OP5 Logger’s support for smart filters makes it easy to tailor customized views for individual users and situations. Smart filters can be created based on what users are authorized to see or based on system data such as time, hostname, problem severity or any specific content in a messages. When only relevant data is presented, the risk of important information being neglected, is minimized and alarm handling and troubleshooting becomes more efficient. Smart filters can also be used to tailor log reports.

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