Integrated Wiki

OP5 Monitor features an integrated Wiki, which allows users to easily document and interpret information that is of great importance within their networks to a range of stakeholders.

The ability to document has a wide range of uses, from helping others to understand the history behind certain issues, to providing contact details for people that are responsible for certain services to providing important troubleshooting information.

The collaborative nature of OP5 Monitor’s Wiki, means that essential information is always up to date and easily accessible, helping you and others within your organization to save lots of time.


Integrated Wiki OP5 Monitor

OP5 Monitor: Open Source Network Monitoring  

OP5 Monitor is the preferred Open Source Networking & Server Monitoring tool for large multi-national companies in over 60 markets, to see OP5 Monitor’s Integrated Wiki in action for yourself get started here.

Prefer to get more hands on? Then Download OP5 monitor for free to get first hand experience of how OP5 Monitor’s Integrated Wiki can help you and other users keep informed and up to date.

Knowledge Base

OP5 Monitor has a dedicated Knowledge Base (KB) for our users, here’s some more useful information relating to our Integrated Wiki feature.