The OP5 Monitor REST API contains a significant number of data access points enabling a secure connection to any 3rd party integration. By using the OP5 Monitor REST API for integration you ensure compatibility over time which reduces the risk of integration problems when new versions of OP5 Monitor is released. All of our OP5 Monitor API’s are fully supported with every OP5 Monitor release.

OP5 Monitor comes with a full REST API that can be used to:

  • Fetch status information
  • Configure system
  • Get report data
  • Send commands to op5 Monitor

REST API overview

The OP5 Monitor REST API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating our platform with your favorite third party platform. OP5 has put together a detailed and easy to follow guide to help you implement your integration. This guide starts off by guiding you to performing regular HTTP requests to start building your application integration.

OP5 Monitor Full Rest Apit

Alfred App Workflow 

Since OP5 Monitor version 6.3, it has been easier to retrieve status data from OP5 Monitor via the API. This made the development of an Alfred App workflow for OP5 Monitor possible. Workflows are a perfect way to integrate with whatever you may imagine to automate apps, lookup data from web services and much more. There are workflows for immediate access to the weather forecast, to translate words via Google or to check the exchange rates for currencies.

Mobile Apps

The OP5 Monitor App works directly towards the OP5 Monitor API and your filter settings, based on your username. This enables you to tailor your app to show the list-views you set up in Monitor. The OP5 Monitor app can be installed from Google Play for Android and is also available for IOS in the Apple App Store.

API usability

  • Commands
  • Configuration
  • Report
  • Status
  • Filter
  • Perfdata (Beta)


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