Business Services

BSM – Business Service Management


The scope of IT monitoring has expanded from the measurement of individual IT services and device metrics to a more comprehensive approach that includes Business service management. The concept of business service management is to connect the IT and business perspectives, thus enabling a holistic approach to IT monitoring.

Business service management functionality enables managing, monitoring and measuring information technology as it relates to an organization’s business processes. Instead of just focusing on the status of your server monitoring, printer monitoring, network monitoring, or other technical components. Focus is on the health and performance of critical business processes such as sales, order processing, production and payroll and how they are connected to underlying IT infrastructure. Unlike IT or infrastructure monitoring that focuses on how your computers are running, the business service management focuses on how your business is performing.

  • Reduce IT downtime by monitoring key business processes that is aligned with IT priorities
  • Prioritizing business critical applications alarms, with respective of the impact it may have on your business
  • Decreased costs through proactive business service management and IT monitoring
  • Increased mutual understanding of key priorities between IT and business teams
  • Business service management provides IT with the ability to show results in business terms via easy to understand reports

Business service management capabilities

By using business service management in OP5 Monitor, your IT organization can monitor and maintain the health of critical business services and processes it supports. OP5 Monitor includes a number of features that allow mapping and grouping of an enterprise IT infrastructure to create a logical, business orientated overview of the overall physical, virtual or cloud based services. Your organization can gain in-depth insight into your IT systems performance and makes your business much better connected with your IT services.

“We do not only perform checks to see that the applications are working, we also monitor entire business processes to verify that applications actually do what the are supposed to do, that data is delivered at the right time and in the right shape”  – Stephan Gottschalk, Network Engineer at DVB Bank

How to turn on business service management in OP5 Monitor

Business service management is about bridging the gap between IT operations and the business. In essence, this creates an understanding of the impact an IT related problem will have on the business.

Dynamic and adaptive thresholds

With the integration of Bischeck into OP5 Monitor 6.1, we have a solution to enable dynamic and adaptive thresholds as a complement to the normal static threshold solution to further enhance the business service management functionality in OP5 Monitor. Business load is not static and it varies throughout the day, week and month. We can set thresholds for any service where we expect an increase and/or decrease in the metric during a day period.