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OP5 Monitor Features

OP5 Monitor delivers a detailed and up to date monitoring
solution that reaches out to any need imaginable.


Business Services

OP5 Monitor BSM functionality enables you to manage IT as it relates to your business processes.

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Event Correlation

Gain Knowledge from Event Correlation The more complex the network and the more applications that are distributed, the more event messages, alarms and alerts the appliances will generate.

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The OP5 Monitor REST API contains as significant number of data access points enabling a secure connection to any 3rd party integration.

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Integrated Wiki

OP5 Features the Integrated Wiki The need to quickly and simply have the ability to record and document changes in an IT environment

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Log Server Monitoring

OP5 Logger – An Integrated Log Server OP5 Logger seamlessly integrates log server monitoring into your everyday event stream.

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Mobile App

Not on site? Use the OP5 Mobile App! The OP5 Mobile App is a powerful tool for those needing to monitor on the go.

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Performance Monitoring

OP5 Monitor presents detailed information about the performance of thousands of devices within your network to show you what is happening.

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OP5 Monitor peers can be used to seamlessly set up redundant monitoring and instant synchronization of your IT configuration and data.

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OP5 IT Monitor gives real value by visually presenting your data in reports easily understood and shared with your entire team.

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SNMP Trapper

Receiving SNMP traps with OP5 Monitor Virtually all networked equipment can be monitored with SNMP.

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OP5 Monitor is powerful yet easy to use with a wide selection of graphs and objects to be included in the details of your reporting.

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Web Based Configuration

OP5 Offers Web Based Configuration Ability We have developed a web based configuration manager for OP5 Monitor enabling easy configuration of settings, hastening the setting up of new hosts and lowering the barriers in setting up an efficient network monitoring solution.

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