op5Live is a easy-to-use web monitoring tool that allows users to check availability, performance and up-time on websites and applications. You will be the first to know when your website is down or not performing according to your set thresholds. op5Live is a KVM and OpenStack based SaaS that any user within the enterprise or organization can start and manage with ease. op5Live works perfectly as a standalone monitoring solution but also integrates seamlessly with an on-prem op5 Monitor Enterprise+ setup.

Basic monitoring checks include: Availability and performance on web services, availability and status on Google apps, certificates status, DNS status, checking for content on a particular site and TCP Checks for firewalls or other services, all available without installing an agent! Want to know more? Here’s the basics to help you get started.

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op5Live Get started video

In this video you will learn how to to do the initial setup in op5Live. Start adding devices/servers/web address you want to monitor by following a few simple steps. op5Live is an agent-less based monitoring service that helps you to identify the status of a web server, an application, a certificate and more.