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op5 Standard is a perfect match for medium-sized businesses that are looking for an easy-to-deploy monitoring software that provides a unified view of their IT environment. op5 Monitor Standard offers you infrastructure monitoring capabilities for servers, network devices, applications and is technology and vendor independent.


op5 Standard is available via our webshop in 5 different license levels: 100 devices, 200 device, 300 devices, 400 devices and 500 devices. A device is anything with an IP address or domain that you would like to monitor. op5 Standard is purchased with a twelve month perpetual license and after the period ends, you can either renew your op5 Standard license or upgrade to a larger version. Each license level includes twelve months of maintenance, for services such as upgrade entitlements.


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op5 Standard features

op5 Standard features includes trend analysis with failure prediction. Centralized administration and configuration rights with access to our host wizard and management packs that will simplify the deployment of monitored devices.

  • Dashboard & NOC views
  • Trend analysis with failure prediction
  • Integrated Wiki
  • op5 Monitor App for IOS/Android