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From our long experience with leading Telecom companies we know the importance of address key challenges and pain points derived from the lack of overview of the large and complex services and networks in heterogeneous IT environments. We can enable you to improve your operational efficiency and improve your service quality and performance.


SLA monitoring

The easy to use and understand SLA monitoring reports ensure that your services are delivered in accordance with your committed service levels and management can be alerted before the levels risk to be breached. By gathering information across technology, operational and organizational silos op5 Monitor delivers the full picture needed to make well informed decisions with the necessary insight to predict, detect and address issues before services are impacted.

"“The best thing about op5 Monitor is the flexibility. It is so easy to monitor exactly what you want. There is an abundance of ready-to-use plug-ins on the web. At the same time, it is simple to modify or develop our own modules”"

Roger Candergart

Developer and Monitoring Technician at Tele2.

Improved Efficiency

op5 Monitor measures how the end user services are affected by your network infrastructure end-to-end. This enables a proactive approach by anticipating quality problems before your end-users are affected. Examples of critical network services that can be monitored are IP telephony, videoconferencing, Citrix and IPTV. Using probes in different parts of your network will give you an overall picture of how your network is performing.

  • Predict, detect and address issues before services are impacted.
  • Shorten your mean time to repair by saving time identifying and fixing issues.
  • Get detailed alarm notifications.
  • Become proactive in your IT management.
  • End-to-end monitoring solution for devices and services.
  • Radio link and fiber backhaul physical topology displayed in an interactive map.
  • Minimizing the risk of breaching Service Level Agreements.

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