Monitoring for retail

The retail industry in general faces several classic challenges with the need to support and monitor multiple outlets. A mixed IT environment makes this a rather complex operation. Distributed WAN and LAN, cash machines and credit card processing, as well as inventory, depends heavily on a transaction based system.


Control your critical business processes

Our solutions provide you with tools that help you maintain a unified overview of what’s happening. It also gives you error detection so you can proactively protect your systems. We have successfully implemented monitoring services on SAP, IFS and Movex (Lawson M3) systems. op5 Monitor can monitor payment terminals and transactions. Currently, we have many systems deployed in the retail sector internationally.

"op5 Monitor is a very convenient product to work with, yet it is extremely flexible when it comes to own adaptations, both in the form of plug-ins and other functionality"

Jan Larsson

IT Security Manager at Clas Ohlson

  • Easy to adapt and modify to your specific requirements.
  • Automatic error detection on all hardware, servers, routers etc
  • Automatic error detection on most software and operating systems like NT/Unix/Linux/OS400/Solaris
  • Comprehensive service level reports
  • Centralized logging from all hardware, software and operating system with direct compliance for SOX, PCI, BITS etc
  • Trend analysis for professional long term planning and prediction

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