Managed Service Providers

monitoring_mspMonitoring for managed service providers

Managed Server Providers demands comprehensive overview, visibility into system performance, the ability to monitor IT infrastructure that spans in multiple types and in many different layers of technology. We can offer up to date monitoring, ready for today’s all thinkable needs.


Maximize IT operational efficiency

With traditional IT monitoring you are essentially running blind. Network failures, irregularities, disruption, server downtime can seriously threaten the visibility, costing thousands of dollars in revenue and decline in productivity for the MSP. By using op5 Monitor you get instant control of your IT environment. Each problem, regardless of location, automatically triggers an alarm that shows what applications, services, departments and geographical locations that are affected. This greatly contributes to the minimization of mean time to repair (MTTR) and also enables proactive IT management, thus decreases the costs associated with IT.


Most flexible and fair price scheme for MSPs

The op5 MSP price model is the most versatile, flexible and fair in the market. Operating an MSP business is can be very a very volatile operation. The MSP price model is fully automated and we charge you when you are using the system, i.e when you have your paying customers. The model consist of two blocks: MSP

  • Fixed base level
  • Flex level

You can choose 0 (zero) IP addresses as base level, and pay a little extra for the flex levels, or vice verse pay for a higher number of base level IP addresses with premium discounts. It’s a fully automated system so you have direct access to your engagement level and it makes your cost structure totally predictable. You only pay for what you have used!

"“op5 has a number of important features that really set the product apart: it is scalable so that we can expand our customer base without creating bottlenecks, and the flexibility in terms of what can be monitored is unsurpassed.”"

Harald Fasching

Business Development Manager at Bacher Systems

We address the five main challenges for MSP’s

op5 Monitor is a flexible IT monitoring tool that is capable of constantly changing to fit the needs of a manage service provider without sacrificing stability or performance.

op5 Monitor is designed to be a flexible and scalable solution able to handle very large volumes of monitored devices and performing active and passive checks. It is a unique solution including a set of options for maximum scalability, redundancy, load-balancing and distributed setups.

op5 Monitor displays the status, health and performance of monitored devices, and it has a user-friendly visual interface that enables personal views and improved presentation capabilities of customer specific data.

op5 Monitor has the ability to visually present data collected in easy to understand reports. This information can be tailored to suit the system administrator as well as the CTO, CFO or CEO.

op5 Monitor has a single point of configuration, with automatic distribution of configurations. It is easy to set up automated alarms and notifications chains, thus helping IT administrators to streamline the IT monitoring process end enabling a more proactive IT management.

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