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Public IT systems need to be accessible to a greater number of people and need to be reliable with minimal or no system downtime. They need to support a wide range of various technologies and services, and at the same time accountability and traceability is important for legal reasons. Public sector systems are often widely networked and shared geographically and/or between numerous municipalities or administrations. Without proper system monitoring this can be a nightmare to manage.


Hundreds of public administrations has chosen op5 Monitor to increase their quality of public services with a modern monitoring system. Governments, Government Agencies, Public Administrations, Schools, Universities, Local Authorities and Hospitals are using our solution to ensure that they deliver high quality IT services.


We use open standards

Thanks to the flexibility of our open source solutions we can take the hassle out of monitoring Public Sector IT Systems. Open source greatly reduces the need for proprietary service experts, customers can share features and improvements and many public organizations can utilize the same system or even provide similar service to other countries. The benefits are obvious and easy to calculate.

"The use of open standards and open source solutions decreases the public sector’s reliance on specific vendors and platforms and it increases European competitiveness as well as the transparency and ability to interact with third party developers of services built on public data"

Mats Odell

European Public Sector Award, Maastricht, 5 Nov. 2009

  • Holistic monitoring for full control of the whole IT environment
  • Excellent overview and control over the network in one single tactical overview
  • Monitor your cloud services, outsourced services, virtual infrastructure
  • Cost efficient with easy to understand pricing
  • Flexible Open Source based solution that are prepared for tomorrows challenges
  • op5 Solutions can be integrated with existing support systems and other 3rd party services
  • Ease of use lowers the barrier for working with the tool across departments.
  • Decrease your dependence on single individuals and experts
  • Informative reports that will make your decisions easier when based on facts

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