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Over the last 10 years the financial industry has experienced rapid changes. From a few large institutions using proprietary technology it has grown to become a wide open international market offering many new services. However, a service that cannot be accessed, or has an excessive load time, is a non-product.


More value for the money

Traditionally the financial industry has large and complex systems and that means high costs for IT. The specific demands for the security, accessibility, flexibility and capacity in the solution often requires consultants and lots of support that leads to high costs. Money that can be spent in better ways. op5 Monitor is a user-friendly, cost-effective and functional product that gives you an overview of the entire system, all through a user-friendly web interface.


Quality up-time

Introducing new products and services in this highly competitive market is key to success. Technical quality – up-time – and the overall end user experience is very important. The responsiveness of the company’s customer service is what makes a difference. Our solutions make sure all of your important systems are monitored and you get fault notification and professional reporting in one solution. The open source architecture in op5 Monitor makes it easy to adapt and modify to your specific requirements.

"“op5 gives us the flexibility to monitor to a higher level in the OSI stack, which allows us to monitor our applications in an efficient manner”."

Stephan Gottschalk,

Network Engineer at DVB Bank

  • Automatic error detection on all hardware, servers, routers etc
  • Automatic error detection on most software and operating systems like NT/Unix/Linux/OS400/Solaris
  • Comprehensive service level reports
  • Centralized logging from all hardware, software and operating system with direct compliance for SOX, PCI, BITS etc
  • Trend analysis for professional long term planning and prediction

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