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IT operations at academic institutions often struggle with tight budgets, complex networks and demanding end-users. We can help academic institutions to get in control over the IT operations by delivering a complete set of monitoring capabilities covering the whole IT stack, services and applications in one easy to use and cost-effective solution.


IT monitoring for academic institutions

op5 Monitor is helping educational institutions to keep their diverse IT environments operating properly by delivering a unified view of the IT environment. You can monitor your virtualized, cloud based, outsourced and legacy data center environments in op5 Monitor with the ability to produce informative reports that easily can be shared across the organisation. This is invaluable when consolidating data across multiple locations and multiple technologies, giving control of the entire environment back to the IT administrators.

"The graphical interface is great. I instantly get a good overview of our entire IT-environment, including applications and services. Our previous system had to many alarms and they arrived without any information identifying where the problem was. Now, when we receive an alarm it arrives with the right information so we can address the problems quickly."

Per Svensson

System Administrator at The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education

  • A modern manufacturer independent monitoring solution
  • Get in control over your IT operations and eliminate the daily strain from your IT service delivery
  • Efficiently monitor hundreds of systems in different environment and platforms through the interface, saving time, hassle, money and resources!
  • Minimize dependency on individuals and experts
  • Allows you to shift priorities from system maintenance to proactive IT operations
  • Increase the security of your IT environment

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