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industry_servicesMonitoring for industry and services

The industrial and service markets are growing at record pace. As business heats up, clients become more demanding. This means your IT systems need to be running at full speed anytime. Complex machinery such as modern robot technology needs looking after so you can avoid downtime.


Reduce downtime

Comprehensive system monitoring is critical in order to reduce downtime in these complex systems. If you, for example, monitor crucial temperatures in a group of freezer units in the food industry, logs are created and reports are sent automatically regarding temperature, humidity and moisture. With the op5 solution you have the possibility to set filters and levels for alarms and you can be as proactive as you need.

"We have several op5 products and I think it works really well. Above all, we like the proactivity. We quickly get alerts via email or text message right into our help-desk system. It is easy to debug, with hardware monitoring we get an alarm if the smallest fan in a server goes down and it is a tremendous security."

Martin Nordblom

IT manager at Geodis Wilson (TNT Freight Management Sweden)

Central logging

Another area is a system that provides central logging for the payment card industry (PCI compliance ). Collecting all logs in to a central archive for search and filters is a core and basic function. However it does introduce security and integrity challenges. We can offer an easy to administrate secure access control that regulates what users can see and do when accessing the central log database. This enables IT and security staff to distribute access to the log data based on what clearance or function the individual or a group has without the risk of enabling Log access to sensitive or restricted data.

  • Easy to adapt and modify to your specific requirements.
  • Automatic error detection on all hardware, servers, routers etc
  • Automatic error detection on most software and operating systems like NT/Unix/Linux/OS400/Solaris
  • Comprehensive service level reports
  • Centralized logging from all hardware, software and operating system with direct compliance for SOX, PCI, BITS etc
  • Trend analysis for professional long term planning and prediction

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