Monitoring outsourced services

Monitoring of outsourced services

op5 Monitor is capable of monitoring outsourced services and provides visibility how the outsourced services perform in comparison to other parts of your network. Monitoring outsourced services can be a difficult thing and the lack of insight into the network and the fact that the outsourced services are not monitored in the same way as the rest of your IT network can cause results that is not perfectly reliable.

Why monitor when you have outsourced?

Most companies with outsourced IT services use multiple outsourcing partners for different parts of the service process. An investment in an op5 Monitor system is a fraction of the average outsourcing contract value; a small price to increase the chance for a successful outsourcing project. If a problem occurs you will not have to waste time pointing fingers. op5 Monitor gives you all the information, which makes it is easy determine who owns the problem and who is responsible for fixing it.

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Minimize the risk of failing outsourcing projects with correct SLA monitoring

According to Accenture, 50 % of all outsourced services are classified as failures. This is often due to the differing expectations of the customer and the service provider. Upon writing the Service Level Agreement (SLA), it is important that both parties have access to the same data.


op5 Monitor makes it easy to monitor that performance is in line with the SLA and makes it possible to monitor all parts of the network, from applications to functions, that run on different infrastructures. It is easy to install and is often used to measure the service deliveries from outsourcing partners. The solution benefits all parties in the outsourcing process and you as the customer can make sure you have access to all the facts so that you never again go in blind to the monthly meeting with your outsourcing partner. Assure that you get what you pay for and benchmark your service quality both internally and externally.