Windows monitoring

Windows monitoring

Making sure that Windows servers andWindows_monitoring_performance applications are up and keeping resource usage optimal are crucial parts for IT, ensuring business productivity. op5 Monitor provides comprehensive Windows monitoring that helps you to check status, performance and availability of all your Windows servers, services and applications.


op5 Monitor Windows monitoring capabilities enables you to easily identify if the underlying problems have to do with server hardware or the application. op5 Monitor can pinpoint resources within your Windows stack that are on the verge of failure and then identify and resolve application issues before users are affected. op5 Monitor Windows monitoring gives you amazing insight into your Windows servers status, availability and performance where all data collected is presented in a unified view.

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Windows monitoring with op5 Monitor

In this video, we will give you a tour on how to setup monitoring on Microsoft Windows, Active Directory and Microsoft hyper-v. op5 Monitor enables to monitor software in the Microsoft product line, such as Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, Active Directory, IIS and Exchange. Go to our Vimeo page to watch more op5 How-to videos.

Windows monitoring with op5 Monitor offers the following benefits:

  • Increased Windows server, service and application availability
  • Fast root cause analysis of outages and protocol failures
  • Better capacity planning with optimal resource usage
  • Monitor heterogeneous set of Microsoft applications
  • Unified view of all windows monitored servers, services and applications


op5 Monitor Windows monitoring capabilities

With op5 Monitor, you can set up monitoring on Microsoft Windows as well as for software in the Microsoft product line, such as Active Directory, Microsoft Hyper-V, SQL Server, IIS, BizTalk and Exchange.

NSClient++ for Windows monitoring

NSClient++ aims to be a simple yet powerful and flexible monitoring daemon. NSClient++ is an agent designed originally to work with Nagios but has since evolved into a fully fledged monitoring agent that can be used by op5 Monitor. It can and is used in many scenarios where you want to receive/distribute check metrics. NSClient++ is designed to be open-ended and allow you to customize it in any way you design thus is extensibility a core feature.

Read more about NSClient++

op5 Management packs for Windows monitoring

By using the different op5 Microsoft Windows Management Packs, you can quickly set up effective Windows monitoring in just a few minutes, immediately collecting essential monitoring data. Data collected is then presented in a unified view, where you easily can read graphs, tables and acknowledge issues within your IT environment.

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