Server monitoring

server monitoring

Server monitoring

The op5 Monitor server monitoring software enables gathering of performance, capacity and availability status data from all layers and parts of the server. Regardless if it is physical, virtual, cloud based servers or organizations with distributed data centers. The op5 Monitor is an advanced server monitor which presents health and server performance metrics in a unified view where you can customize alerts, reports and dashboards for your organization needs. You have the ability to both check basic up-time and detailed usage on all types of servers.

Trend analysis and failure prediction

The trend analysis and failure prediction capabilities in op5 Monitor allows your organizations to improve server capacity planning with accurate, cross-platform monitoring and reporting. This enables the provisioning of resources usage on your server such as storage, CPU, and memory more proactively. op5 Monitor server monitoring tools makes it easy to quickly diagnose, correlate event and solve server performance issues instantly wherever they originate, regardless if it is at the server, network or application level.

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Server monitoring services

  • Monitor physical, virtual and cloud servers in the same place
  • Fast root cause identification and troubleshooting
  • Alerts and reporting capabilities
  • Trend analysis and failure prediction
  • Cross-platform server monitoring
  • Accurate server capacity planning
  • Able to handle  large volumes of monitored devices and services

"If you are looking for a new monitoring tool, I can recommend op5 Monitor"

Peter Hanraets

IT specialist at Vanderlande Industries

Server monitoring capabilities

op5 Monitor is designed to make sure that a server is active, healthy, and responding to requests appropriately. We provide a easy to use server monitoring software that supports multiple hardware, virtual and cloud based servers vendors, including:

op5 Monitor can be used with probes and sensors to monitor physical parameters in the servers room where you can check:

op5 Monitor can monitor hardware from all major server vendors using SNMP and IPMI protocols for agentless monitoring.

  • HP
  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Bull
  • Oracle
  • Siemens

Log server monitoring

op5 Monitor with the integrated op5 Logger deliver a powerful feature set for log server monitoring that is very powerful. Performance and event information from the logs can be included in the alarms and notifications.

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Download full 30 day trial version, including all features, API and op5 App support

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