”To summarize, it is the strong customer focus that really makes op5 stand out, and I can heartily recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new monitoring tool.”

– Peter Hanraets, IT Specialist at Vanderlande

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Scalable monitoring

Scalable monitoring that grows with your needs

Scalable_monitoringop5 Monitor was specifically designed to be a flexible and a scalable monitoring solution able to handle large volumes of monitored devices and services, as well as being optimized to achieve low per-device overheads. op5 Monitor can scale out to thousands of redundant, load balanced and distributed monitoring servers.


op5 Monitor provides a set of options for maximum flexibility, unlimited scalability, redundancy and load balancing. op5 Monitor introduces a flexible affordable system that can scale to the needs of your business and adapt to the ever-changing challenges of the IT environment, regardless if it consist of small business critical IT to large enterprise monitoring needs with ten of thousands of services.

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Scalable monitoring standards

By our standards, a scalable monitoring solution refers to an easy to use system that is capable of constantly changing to fit the needs of your business without sacrificing stability or performance. Five key features are essential to attain a completely scalable and effective monitoring solution:

Scalable Monitoring with op5 Monitor

What is Scalability – in terms of Monitoring? When we talk about scalable monitoring we are referring to 5 different areas that our product, op5 Monitor handles. We will highlight these areas in this video.


Distributed monitoring

With distributed monitoring, you can from a central point, collect monitoring data regardless of where they reside – in the data center or in a private, hybrid or public cloud environment.

Distributed monitoring

Load balancing

A load balanced setup allows the monitoring servers to share the workload in order to ensure that no single server is under- or over utilized. Load balancing is very effective when it comes down to preventing failures that occur when a system’s activity levels are continuously high.

Load balanced monitoring


Monitoring of your IT infrastructure is important and to avoid single point of failure it is possible to use redundant setup of op5 Monitor.

Redundant monitoring

Try op5 Monitor Enterprise+

Download full 30 day trial version, including all features, API and op5 App support

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