SLA Reports

SLA Reports and management

op5 Monitor provides you with powerful Service level agreements, SLA reports. The SLA reports in op5 Monitor can be mapped against unique Service Level Agreements, which means that you can directly see and follow-up on both your internal and external SLAs. op5 Monitor provides you with the possibility to schedule daily, weekly, and monthly reports to view. The reports can be shared with stakeholders or downloaded from the user interface directly. The SLA reports helps you understand where application performance is heading, by providing data and showing graphical trends over the selected time period.

Five great reasons for monitoring your SLAs

  • Quality assurance and follow-up
  • Quick and easy access to detailed SLA reports
  • Resource planning based on facts
  • Proactive planning and change management
  • Control and measurement of your 3rd party services
    • Ensure you get what you pay for
    • Planning and renegotiating existing or/and new areas for outsourcing

Service level agreements report

Example of op5 Monitor SLA report.

SLA Reports

op5 Monitor supports a multitude of individually configured time schedules for service availability reports.

  • Tracking if a lack of availability is a planned or an unplanned event.
  • Tracking availability versus unique service time schemes.
  • Generating automatically and email distributed weekly or/and monthly availability reports.

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