Router monitoring

Router monitoring

Do you want to know which devices or applications that generates most traffic in your network, or where your network bottlenecks are located with in your IT infrastructure? op5 Monitor is a unified server monitoring solution with a wide range of router monitoring possibilities that monitors router traffic and see network usage 24/7. With the op5 Monitor router monitoring capabilities you can identify unusual behavior in your routers and logs these as events. Routers can be mapped and visualized with dependencies for network overview.


op5 Monitor router monitoring feature ensure high network availability by providing fast identification and resolving of WAN problems as well as detailed facts for accurate capacity planning of future requirements.

  • Wan link status, performance and availability
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Router hardware (temperature, CPU, power status, memory)
  • Monitor routing protocols BGP, OSPF
  • Monitor status of routing peers

Router monitoring view


Router monitoring graphs

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