Network monitoring

Network monitoring

Network_monitoringop5 Monitor provides you with network monitoring capabilities to not only verify the performance of your network but also to provide you the ability to proactively respond to network outages. With op5 Monitor you can monitor, manage and measure key performance metrics in your network. This network monitoring capabilities provides real-time visibility of outages the second they occur. op5 Monitor will also graphically display network bandwidth utilization and resource consumption.

op5 Monitor network monitoring allows you to keep tabs if a server or service is online or not and get an accurate layout of your network dependencies. Get easily understood reports of your overall network state or a detailed overview of specific to a single device with the alerts you want, wherever you are via or op5 Monitoring App for Android and iOS. op5 Monitor network monitoring capabilities allows organizations to monitor and manage their IT infrastructure efficiently and more cost effective.

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Enhanced network monitoring enables control

With op5 Monitors enhanced network monitoring capabilities you gain control over the network performance and health in one tool, with visualized dependencies, automatic alarms, alarm escalation, notifications and reports . op5 Monitor provides you with a unified view of your entire network. The presented information shows what needs to be prioritized and what issues should be addressed before it creates problems, enabling you to free up resources and time which can be used for proactive IT management.

Network monitoring benefits

  • Track response time, availability, performance of your monitored network components
  • Quickly identify network outages the second they occur
  • Become proactive in your IT management
  • Find & fix network issues before your business is affected
  • See network device status changes as they happen

"The time savings offered by op5 Monitor by minimizing system downtime and other incidents are invaluable. The return on investment for the op5 Monitor solution was evident after the first system downtime"

Gutaf Winther

IT Engineer at Arla Foods

  • SNM 1,2,3
  • SNMP Traps
  • IPMI
  • WMI
  • Monitoring of remote services (FTP, SSH, HTTP, other)
  • Log Monitoring
  • Active and passive checks
  • Agents and agentless

By running a device scan in your network you can map your network infrastructure to get a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, overview that enables simple root cause analysis. It helps you identify the primary cause of issues in your network before major damage is done.

  • Create network topology maps
  • Geomaps for network visualization
  • Create your own visualizations in Nagvis
  • Minimize time consuming manual device configurations

When you are aware and have an overview of the problem, you can easily benchmark and measure how your internal and external IT services is performing. Monitor network device and interface availability and performance indicators for SNMP and WMI-enabled devices, such as:

  • Monitor bandwidth utilization
  • Packet loss
  • Latency
  • Errors
  • Logs
  • CPU
  • Memory

Manage your network proactively to increase the overall quality of delivered services. Using the data gained from op5 Monitor you can make educated decision based on documented facts and figures.

  • Easy to link devices to device managers for easy access direct from the notification and alarm
  • Intelligent alarms to avoid alarm storms
  • Change management based on fact
  • Budget- and investment planning

op5 Monitor is a highly scalable monitoring solution with the possibility to monitor several 10000 devices in distributed setups with peers and pollers. op5 Monitor is ideal for large and complex networks.

  • Highly scalable system design
  • Support for distributed setups
  • Redundancy and load sharing
  • Very low resource utilization

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Try op5 Monitor Enterprise+

Download full 30 day trial version, including all features, API and op5 App support

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