Escalations let you configure escalation of notifications for a host. The idea is that if you have a really important host you can send the first notification to the default contact group in order for them to solve the problem. If the problem is not solved in a set timeframe, the notification can be escalated to a broader range of contacts.


The escalation definitions allows flexible and advanced configurations where you for example can:

  • Restrict to only be valid for certain notifications (the 3rd to 5th),
  • Set what contact groups to send these notifications to
  • What time period the definition is valid (only during non-working hours),
  • Only be used for certain state types (only critical alarms)

The definitions can overlap allowing you to be very precise on who should be involved, for how long, and when to stop spamming them about it.



op5 Monitor’s powerful configuration features allows you to easily propagate (re-use) escalation definitions to a filtered destination (selection) of other hosts or services.


Escalations Benefits

  •     Make sure someone finally acts on important problems
  •     Inform stakeholders on problem and status of resolution

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